Top 5 Most Productive Countries for Chocolate

When it comes to the production of chocolates, there are countries where the main production of the chocolate takes place, with 4 of those countries being Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. For the 5th country, we will discuss a part of the world where the most important raw material for producing chocolate is sourced from.


Belgium is highly reputed all over the world for the production of chocolates. It is a major center for the manufacturing of chocolates. Belgium alone has over 2000 shops where chocolates are sold as well as about 15 chocolate factories. Godiva, which is among the most reputable chocolate companies in the world, has its headquarters in Brussels. The government also made efforts to ensure that chocolate from Belgium is not made from fats of low quality and are pure.


Switzerland is also very popular for making of chocolates as well as the home of a lot of major manufacturers of chocolate. One of the major sources of income for Switzerland is the production of chocolate. Zurich has the reputation of being the part of Switzerland where the production of chocolate sprang. Some very popular chocolate brands in Switzerland include Sprungli, Lindt, Toblerone and Nestle. The product of chocolate in Switzerland started as early as the 1600s.


Germany is also a major country where a large percentage of chocolates in the world are produced. Cologne has the reputation of being Germany’s chocolate capital. Some shops that sell chocolate in Germany often imports chocolate from Cologne to sell with the chocolates that are made in the United States. Amongst the most popular chocolate maker in Germany is Stollwerck. Stollwerck also have branches in Switzerland and Belgium. Some other manufacturers of chocolate in Germany include Leonidas Chocolate, Tortchen and La Maison du Chocolat.

United States of America

When it comes to production of chocolates of very high quality, then the United States is arguably the best. Hershey Foods Corporation is a commonly known chocolate brand in the world and is the biggest North American chocolate company. The Corporation which was established in 1894 has its headquarters in Pennsylvania.

West Africa

The major ingredient required for producing chocolate is the cocoa bean. Over 65 percent of the cocoa beans in the world are produced in West Africa, with almost half coming from Ivory Coast. All of these top countries including the United States of America that produce chocolate get the raw materials from West Africa. It is believed that about 50 million people in West Africa are involved in the planting and harvesting of cocoa for local usage and export. Since most of these West African countries do not produce chocolate, over 85 percent of the cocoa they produced are harvested.

If you love top quality chocolates, then you should look out for chocolates from the 4 countries listed above. If you also intend to start your own chocolate manufacturing plant, then you will need to consider sourcing your cocoa beans need from West Africa.