Chocolate Recipes

10 Savory Chocolate Recipes Of All Times

Chocolate is the dessert by excellence all around the world. That is out of the discussion, but what about making it part of the main dish? It is a growing trend around the world, especially when you use the dark one that contains little to no sugar and has more of the bitter flavor to it that matches the salty or spicy kind of other dishes. Read on and find out about the triumphal incursion of chocolate to the main dishes of the menu.

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Chocolate Chunky Chili

chunky chili

Who doesn´t love a big pan full of chili, chopped meat, habanero, some tomato sauce in a cold winter night? Well, if you want to take this dish to the next level, you can add some dark chocolate with no sugar put it at the end of the preparation and mix it well.

Mole Sauce

mole sauce

This chocolate-fueled popular Mexican sauce is brown and tasty like the chocolate that gives its character and color. The ingredients are garlic, chili, onions and dark chocolate. You can pour it over turkey, pork or you-name-it.



Meat Rubbed With Cocoa

meat-rubbed with cocoa

Dry rubs for meat are great and very easy to do. They consist mostly of spices that are applied straight to the outside and work their best when the meat is cooked slowly for a long time. Let´s say you prepare the one you like the best and add some powder cocoa too. That´s all you need to take it to the next level.


Chocolate Pop Corn

pop corn

The best recipe for a movie night is to add some chocolate to your regular popcorn. It might sound quite strange to you, but just put a base of chocolate on paper in the oven and then on some liquid chocolate. The oven will make it solid and then the popcorn will make it tastier.


Barbecue Sauce

barbecue sauce

There are a plethora of barbecue sauce recipes in the world and each of us has his or her favorite. What about giving it an extra spin with some dark chocolate? Add two spoons of dark chocolate and witness how all flavors get deeper.



Baby Back Ribs Rubbed With Cocoa

Back Ribs

Powder cocoa takes most flavors to the next level. For this rub, you need to mix it with ginger, cinnamon, mustard powder, and allspice. Enjoy rubs level 2!



Baba Ghannouj With White Chocolate

Smokey eggplant in this Middle East reaches the next plateau with white chocolate making everything smoother.

The mix with garlic and paprika is heavenly, just melts in your mouth.


Chocolate Soup

chocolate soup

This amazing traditional dish coming from Mexican mole is made of onions, tomatoes and blackened pepper is enriched substantially with semi-sweet chocolate. Adding some garnishes to it never hurt anyone.





Caponata, especially the one made of eggplant with raisins and caramelized onions, is much better when you put a surprise ingredient in it: grated chocolate. Sit back and just enjoy how the face of the ones eating it transforms.



Pork In Red Chile (Asado de Bodas)

asado de bodasFirst, you need to take big chunks of pork and stew them together with some truly Mexican spicy chili. Once that mix is already going, add a little chocolate to it and let it rest for some while. This mixture with pork´s flesh is a match made in heaven.



All of these recipes are easy to pull off with some common ingredients you can find in most markets around the globe. Dare to welcome chocolate to the main dishes of your life with this breakthrough recipes and give another meaning to the world´s most common dessert.