Most Popular Chocolate Recipes

If you are looking to make something chocolaty and decadent for your family, you can’t go wrong with one of these 10 popular chocolate recipes. Ranging from German chocolate bombs, to rich cheesecakes, to classic layer cakes, there is definitely one or more flavor that is bound to make every chocolate lover very happy.

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Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Giving the classic Mexican Tres Leches cake a chocolate taste only requires substituting the cocoa powder with some flour. The end result is a creamy chocolate treat which is cool and a bit like the chocolate icebox cake.

Irish Chocolate Whiskey Cake

This particular recipe re-imagines the classic whiskey-spiked coffee. Whiskey-spiked coffee cream is used as a decadent mocha and then white and dark chocolate shavings are topped on the cake.

Flourless Chocolate made With Glaze

This recipe makes a practically pure and unadulterated chocolate cake that is dense, rich and gluten-free.

Extreme Chocolate Cheesecake

This recipe offers a lot of chocolate in various forms making the cheesecake a popular avenue for chocolaty desserts. These various forms of the chocolate include a chocolate-wafer crust, chocolate shards scattered on the top, and melted dark chocolate in the filling.

Chocolate Layer Made With Honey-Ganache Frosting

This recipe is made by combining natural and Dutch coffee, cocoa powder, and mild honey to give the cake an intense, complex, moist and very grown-up taste, texture and flavor.

German Coffee Bombes

This showstopper recipe is the best for ending a dinner party because it can be made ahead of the function. It represents a creative spin on a classic dessert and entails filling the glazed chocolate bombes with creamy and pecan-coconut puddings alongside a decadent chocolate mousse.

Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake

This particular recipe is inspired by a book, Matilda, by Roald Dahl. The end product of this recipe is a creamy chocolate icing consisting of three layers of sponge.

Malted Chocolate Cake

This recipe takes approximately 25-30 minutes to prepare 8-10 servings. Mary Berry’s chocolate cake is indeed a family and crowd-pleaser due to its malted icing topped with Maltesers and ease of baking.

No-Bake Chocolate Mouse Pie

The secret to this insanely delicious chocolate flavored cake is that it is only made with six ingredients. The

crunch sound produced by the chocolate-filled sandwiches is reminiscent of a Kit Kat bar. Chocolate wafer cookies can be used to substitute the sandwiches.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Semifreddo

This luscious and creamy frozen dessert gets its hazelnut flavor from Nutella. Sweetness is further enhanced by melted dark chocolate.