New Inventions for Chocolate In 2016

The quest to look for better ways of doing things in the world is one that is always ongoing. The same could be said about the chocolate industry as a lot of innovations are ongoing on how chocolate could be better for its consumers. A lot of inventions are therefore also ongoing in these regards. The inventions include new types of chocolate, new recipes for making chocolate, new machineries for chocolate and other ways to get the chocolate experience without really eating one. Some of such inventions are discussed below.

Taste Buddy – New invention that gives vegetable the taste of chocolate

In the UK, scientist has come up with an invention that has the ability to change how food tastes. The aim of these is to change how people eat. For instance, people can now eat healthy food while getting the taste of their favorite unhealthy snacks. The invention christened taste buddy could convert a broccoli to a chocolate or a tofu to a juicy steak. It works by imitating saltiness and sweetness. Further tweak are still being made on the invention to see how it could imitate more tastes. An electric current that is weaker is applied towards targeting specific taste buds that gives a salty taste. Considering the health benefits of vegetables for instance, as well as the argument from some school of thought that some chocolate types are bad for the health, people who are addicted to such unhealthy chocolate can now eat healthy vegetable, while getting the feeling that they are eating their favorite chocolate. The implication of this is that people will eat healthier food and live healthier life. It will also be a great way to help people addicted to eating chocolates as they can now eat other food types while feeling like they are eating chocolate.

Chocolate Slice

When it comes to countries with top food innovations, Japan is one of the countries that quickly come to mind. Among their most recent food innovations is the invention of the new chocolate: the chocolate slice in 2016. The chocolate has the shape of a cheese single and is packed like a cheese. The chocolate slice can be used alongside sandwiches, sponge rolls, biscuits, pancakes and toasts amongst others. It can also be easily manipulated to be used with any dessert that can be coated with chocolate.


If your major fear about consuming chocolate as you would like to is the sugar, then there is good news for you in the form of the KitKat chocolate invented by Nestle. With the launching of the chocolate came Nestle’s claim that it has found a way to reduce the sugar quantity in chocolate by up to 40 percent. The KitKat is also a very low calorie chocolate.

The inventions for chocolate in the year 2016 have made chocolate lovers to have more options as to how to enjoy their chocolate. It further comes with the hope that 2017 and further years will also come with more chocolate inventions.